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Mail Run Rosé


2019 Mail Run Rosé

Fresh and lively nose of watermelon and musk with a dry crisp palate.

Cobb & Co. stagecoaches were commissioned to deliver the Mail far and wide across Australia providing a lifeline to many pioneers. Relax after your days running around with our pale pink passionate Rosé.

11.5% Alc/Vol – Product of Adelaide Hills, Australia.

Sidesaddle Sauvignon Blanc


2019 Sidesaddle Sauvignon Blanc

Refreshing flavours of passionfruit and citrus making a zesty palate, finishing long and clean.

The days of riding sidesaddle deserve to be washed away by a comforting Sauvignon Blanc from one of the original staging posts of Cobb & Co. horses.

12.0% Alc/Vol – Product of Adelaide Hills, Australia.

Charlotte Chardonnay


2017 Charlotte Chardonnay

Our Charlotte is a beautiful blonde colour. Grown strong and spirited, yet a soft and silky  finish. Sunshine worth bottling.

Cobb & Co. women were as independent and resourceful as their men and together catered for many outback travellers in their homes and inns all helping to build Australia. Toast the past, present and future with our Cobb’s Hill Chardonnay.

12.5% Alc/Vol – Product of Adelaide Hills, Australia.

Pioneer Pinot Noir


Pioneer Pinot Noir 2018

An elegant balance of fragrant aromas, notably strawberry and cherry, combined with a gentle drier savoury finish.

Cobb & Co. pioneered better travel in nineteenth century Australia. Enjoy a lighter red as one of our Pinot pioneers.

12.8% Alc/Vol – Product of Adelaide Hills, Australia.

Gold Rush Riesling - Adelaide Hills winery Out Of Stock

Gold Rush Riesling


2019 Goldrush Riesling

Fresh, fruity and floral our Riesling gives a rush of pear and lychee with hints of vanilla and honey.

Australia’s Gold Rush in the eighteen hundreds was supported by the Cobb & Co. stagecoaches providing lifelines from the cities to the goldfields. Celebrate a golden era with our refreshing Riesling.

11.5% Alc/Vol – Product of Adelaide Hills, Australia.

Stagecoach Shiraz


2018 Stagecoach Shiraz

Vibrant colour and distinctive aromas of dark berries and black cherry with a touch of pepper and spice.

This Shiraz celebrates the smoother ride introduced by Cobb & Co. new stagecoaches throughout Australia in the eighteen hundreds.

13.5% Alc/Vol – Product of Adelaide Hills, Australia.

Shooting Star Sparkling Rosé


2018 Shooting Star Sparkling Rosé

This elegant amber coloured Sparkling Rosé displays delicate beads with subtle scents of vanilla and fresh berries. A well balanced palette and lingering biscuit finish.

Cobb & Co. Stagecoach travellers spent many a night stargazing with the lucky ones seeing a shooting star light up the night sky. Light up your experience with our Shooting Star Sparkling Rosé and make a wish, it could be meteoric!

12.5% Alc/Vol – Product of Adelaide Hills, Australia.

Southern Cross Sparkling


2018 Southern Cross Sparkling

This Pinot Noir Chardonnay vintage blend has been patiently methode traditionelle bottle fermented to craft an elegant sparkling wine fit for special occasions.

First released in 2017 this wine celebrates 150 years since Cobb & Co. established Adelaide stagecoach routes in 1867.

12.5% Alc/Vol – Product of Adelaide Hills, Australia.