A rich history dating back to 1854, Cobbs Farm on the Swamp Run became Cobbs Hill Estate. The Farm included pastures for horses employed for pulling Cobb & Co. stagecoaches through the Adelaide Hills from 1867.

Cobb & Co. were pioneers in opening up Australia for travellers, gold miners, and the delivery of the Royal-Mail. From 1854 until 1924 Cobb & Co, stagecoaches expanded across the Australian outback.

Who We Are

Today, Cobb’s Hill Estate is set on over 250 acres (100 hectares) of quality farmland, with over 70 acres of vineyards, with Black Angus cattle and Baby Doll Southdown sheep on the grounds.

Our Vineyards have been planted over the last 25 years and focus on premium, cool-climate grape varieties proven in the Adelaide Hills region to consistently produce high-quality wines.

We are a boutique Wine Estate committed to providing the best selection, service and setting in the centre of the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Our Team

Nigel Vinecombe


Jed Hicks

General Manager

Josh Hicks

Farm and Vineyard Manager

Belinda Martlew

Events Manager